Benchmarks: SPIRAL Generated Programs

On this website we collect a few benchmarks including relevant papers. See also our collection of code and our online generator.

Note that in all benchmarks shown, Spiral code was generated ("push-button"), i.e., written by a computer. Learn about the current Spiral system.

On the left side we consider the discrete Fourier transform only but different parallel platform paradigms:

  • SMP (Multicore)/Vector code (code using SIMD short vector instructions and multiple threads for recent chip multiporcessors)
  • Code for GPUs (Graphical Processing Units)
  • Cell processor code
  • Distributed memory parallel code (code for clusters)
  • Verilog for FPGAs
  • FPGA accelerated software

On the right side we consider different numerical kernels

  • Walsh-Hadamard transform
  • FIR filters
  • Viterbi decoding
  • Other functionality

SMP (Multicore)/Vector Code

Our generated multi-threaded code uses a fast barrier.

4-way vectorized, up to 4 threads:

2-way vectorized, up to 4 threads:

4-way vectorized:

4-way vectorized (all small sizes):

4-way vectorized (split-complex format):


IPP is Intels' vendor library. FFTW is available online.

    Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

    this is work in progress ...

    Cell Processor

    More cell results.

    Distributed Memory Parallel (Cluster)


    FFTW is available online.

    Verilog for FPGAs

    Online generator and references

    FPGA Accelerated Software

    • Paolo D'Alberto, Franz Franchetti, Peter A. Milder, Aliaksei Sandryhaila, James C. Hoe, Jeremy Johnson, José M. F. Moura, Markus Püschel
      Generating FPGA-Accelerated DFT Libraries
      Proc. IEEE Symposium on Field-Programmable Custom Computing Machines (FCCM) 2007

    Walsh-Hadamard Transform

    FIR Filters

    IPP is Intel's vendor library.

    Viterbi Decoding

    Check out our online generator

    Other Kernels

    Our work on other functionality is not yet included in the Spiral program generation framework. Please visit our software site or our hardware site or check representative publications or jump directly to one of the following: